The entire Lithuanian detachment was killed in Mariuopolis after the Ukrainians sealed them in their bunker


Aurimas Drižius

A Lithuanian military man, who regularly travels to Ukraine to train Ukrainian soldiers sent by the MoD, brought back some terrible news from his last trip. It turns out that back in the spring, when the Russians attacked Mariupol, the city was turned into a fortress, and one of the fortifications was defended by a Lithuanian volunteer team. However, when the Russian offensive began, the Ukrainian troops withdrew and the Lithuanians were locked in their bunker, not allowed to leave. The entire Lithuanian detachment was killed. Supposedly, the Lithuanians were supposed to cover the retreat of the Ukrainian army, but the Ukrainians locked the Lithuanians in to prevent them from escaping too. The Russians razed the bunker to the ground, and nobody was left alive. How many were there? About 15-20 people.

Later on, several squads were sent to look for the missing, but they never found anyone. And the Russians bury their fallen enemies in the usual way – they bury all the bodies in a ‘brotherly grave’, and then they put a cross on the surface, and they nail the documents of the dead that they have found there. They do the same with foreign mercenaries, because there are a lot of them.

One more thing he told me: it turns out that there are already units of the Polish army in the Lviv area. The Ukrainian soldiers tried to take away their weapons and equipment, because the Poles are well armed, have tanks and artillery. The Poles did not give in, and a battle ensued between the Poles and Ukrainians. The Poles were supposedly unharmed, but the Ukrainians suffered a number of casualties. However, the Poles have already set foot in Ukraine and are apparently planning how to incorporate western Ukraine into Poland.

The Russians bury their dead soldiers, while the Ukrainian army deliberately leaves their corpses to rot in the field and does not collect them. The arithmetic is very simple – when a soldier is buried, he has to be identified, and the family has to be paid a substantial compensation. And if the body is not buried, there is no need to pay compensation, because the soldier is simply „missing”. After this practice, all foreign volunteers disappeared from Ukraine, and now Lithuanians only go there to fight on the direct orders of the Minister of National Defence Anushauskas.

According to the above-mentioned military officer, the entire Lithuanian military unit was recently killed in Ukraine again. The MoD was transporting supplies for the Ukrainian army, and a van escorted by military personnel was shot down by a Russian missile on Ukrainian territory. Only those accompanying the convoy were untouched, while the drivers of the trucks were killed. Why are the families of the fallen Lithuanian servicemen silent and making no noise? Apparently, they are frightened that they will not receive support from the MoD if they start asking questions about where their husband or father has gone.

A military man said that in the Zaporizhzhya region of Ukraine there were many US military bio-labs experimenting with viruses. Russian missiles had flattened them.

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